The New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) invests in a network of community-based organizations and programs to alleviate the effects of poverty and to provide opportunities for New Yorkers and communities to flourish.

DYCD supports New York City youth and their families by funding a wide range of high-quality youth and community development programs.
Summer Youth Employment Program

23-16 30th Avenue
3rd Floor.
Astoria, NY 11102
Tel: 718-204-2325
Program Hours

Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Summer Youth Employment Program takes place during
July – August
Work, Learn, and Grow Employment Program

23-16 30th Avenue
3rd Floor
Astoria, NY 11102
Tel: 718-204-2325
Program Hours

October - April
Summer Youth Employment Program
The Program
The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is the nation's largest summer youth employment initiative, and since 1963 has provided New York City youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with up to six weeks of entry-level experience at worksites in all five boroughs. Participants are selected by lottery for the program. This program has a decades-long history of uplifting impoverished youth who would otherwise struggle to access the labor market while providing an economic lifeline to their families. The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is funded by the Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD).

HANAC has sponsored the SYEP program since its inception for over four decades. We have sponsored SYEP for younger and older youth for the last 46-years. HANAC has two SYEP initiatives, Community-based Older Youth & Career Ready. Community-based SYEP is open to all youth ages 16 to 21. Career Ready is only open to students ages 14 to 21 in the following High Schools:

· Bronx Early College Academy for Teaching & Learning High School
· Bronxdale High School
· Business of Sports School
· Long Island City High School
· The Maxine Greene High School for Imaginative Inquiry
A young person's first paid job can be a crucial developmental experience, ideally providing a safe and supported entry into the world of the workforce as well as significant insight into one's strengths, weaknesses, interests, and ambitions. Since 1963, SYEP has connected generations of New Yorkers to that first job to serve as a pipeline for the future workforce of NYC.

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) exposes teens and young adults to real-life work experiences and labor expectations while building work readiness skills and a foundation for future employment.
Youth development principles are incorporated throughout the program to provide participants with experiences that correlate with their interests and build upon their individual strengths, inclusive of setting positive adult role models amongst them.

The goal is to gain the work readiness skills necessary to succeed in the 21st-century by engaging their talents and interests while developing their skills. These placements introduce our youth to the basics of workplace etiquette, valuable employment skills, and the value of hard work necessary to obtain an income.
Participants may be placed in a variety of entry-level jobs
    • Hospitals
    • Summer Camps
    • Educational Institutions
    • Law Firms
    • Small Businesses
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Retail Stores
    • Parks
    • The Arts
    • Government Agencies
    SYEP provides educational workshops that includes, work readiness, career exploration, financial literacy, and educational building. These educational activities enhance the participants' exposure to the workforce, increasing youths' self-confidence, and presenting more opportunities for long term success.
    What does the program offer?
    SYEP gives youth a unique opportunity to explore their interest and discover new ones through:
    • Career Exploration
      Flex your research skills and discover new career possibilities.
    • Skill-Building Activities
      Receive help with your resume, cover letters, and interview skills. Learn essential job readiness skills and workplace etiquette.
    • Connections to Professionals
      Build your network through mentoring, career panels, social media workshops, and more.
    • Community Building
      Our democracy needs your voice. Learn valuable skills to become an active citizen at work and in your community.
    • Earn Money
      Get paid to participate!
    Who is eligible?
    • Young people, age 14 to 21 may apply online
    • Youth aged 22-24 may qualify for specialized programming through SYEP
    • Must be a resident of one of the five boroughs in NYC
    • Legally allowed to work in the US
    This year due to COVID-19, there is NO job placement; the program is FULLY remote. All programming activities are conducted remotely.
    Hats & Ladders
    · Is a digital platform that will allow youth to complete a remote work-readiness experience this summer
    · Accessible via any internet-connected mobile device or desktop/laptop
    · The course consists of a Participant Self-Assessment and 4 to 8 topics or instructional sequences. (Depends on participant option, i.e. YY or OY)
    · Each module consists of an instructional component (video, slideshow, interactive media) and an assessment/reflection that follows the completion of the topic.
    Hats & Ladders online curriculum must be completed during the first three weeks of the program
    Project-Based Learning
    · Participants will take part in project-based learning career exploration activities on relevant themes
    · Design by providers or pulled from a virtual library designed by the Youth Development Institute
    · All instructions, technical assistance to youth, and social-emotional support, as well as tracking of attendance, completed activities, and milestones, will be performed by the provider.
    Participants must complete assignments in order to receive credit.
    Workplace Challenge
    · Older Youth will have the opportunity to take part in a workplace challenge, which is led by the provider and provider partner. Participants work in small teams to identify a challenge to address, generating possible solutions, and then create/deliver a final deliverable presentation on their solutions to the industry partner.
    · Workplace Challenge Benefits
    · Provide young people with an inside view of work within the company
    · Provide young people an opportunity to develop workplace skills
    · Allows young people to practice interacting with professionals
    · Helps young people make the connection between education and work
    · Shares who are the industry partners that participants should know for their interested industry
    Resources for Youth
    While awaiting selection for any of our programs, it's a good idea to gather your required documents ahead of time. Visit the following links to learn how to acquire each document:
    Work, Learn, and Grow Employment Program
    The Work, Learn, and Grow Youth Employment Program (WL&G) is funded by NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), which is designed to allow participants of the Summer Youth Employment program to continue to build upon their experiences in SYEP by participating in this program. The Work, Learn & Grow Employment Program. WL&G provides previous participants of SYEP who are between the ages of 16–21 and currently in school with career readiness training and paid employment opportunities for up to twenty-five weeks from October to April.

    WL&G will focus on such topics as career exploration, financial literacy, conflict resolution, resume/cover letter development, professional development, and social growth.
    Career Exploration
    Career Exploration allows participants to gain greater awareness of their personalities, interests and abilities and how these traits align with their career path. Youth learn how to explore careers that align with their interests and become familiar with the realities of what is needed to succeed in them. Work readiness sessions concentrate on basics including:

    • Resume and cover letters
    • Mock interviews
    • Workplace situations
    • Conflict resolution
    • Work-place behavior
    • Financial literacy
    College Exploration
    College Exploration consists of dynamic sessions focused on topics including: the value and necessity of a college degree, college size and options for living on campus, differences in college degrees, financial aid and scholarships, acceptance procedures and applications. Service learning projects are an integral component and participants collectively decide and work on a social cause of their choosing.

    Our goal is that by the end of the program, participants will have gained a broader perception of the world around them and their own potential and self-worth while also serving the greater good of the community.

    Employment options
      The Work, Learn and Grow career readiness training encompasses work readiness topics such as career exploration, financial literacy, conflict resolution, resume/cover letter writing and opportunities for continuing education and social growth.

      Our goal is for participants to gain a greater understanding of themselves, the world of work, post-secondary education, and a sense of belonging to the community.

      • Hospitals
      • Summer Camps
      • Law Firms
      • Small Businesses
      • Non-Profits
      • Retail Organizations
      • Parks
      • The arts
      How to Apply:
      • Be an SYEP participant
      • Be between the ages 16-21
      • Currently enrolled in school
      • Participants are selected through a lottery selection process
      7 Workforce Programs – 6 Sites
      Main Workforce Development or Youth Employment Office
      23-16 30th Avenue
      Astoria, NY 11102
      Tel: 718-204-2325 Ext. 101
      SYEP Social Media Resource