Legal Victim Assistance
The NYS Office of Victim Services (OVS) provides funding to HANAC to assist victims of crimes to submit applications for potential reimbursement of out-of-pocket losses associated with the crime.

Victims may be eligible of reimbursement of medical bills, loss or damage of essential personal property, lost wages, transportation to and from court appearance and medical appointments as a result of the crime, use of domestic violence shelters, crime scene clean-up, and moving expenses.
Legal Victim Assistance

27-40 Hoyt Ave South
Astoria NY 11102
Tel: 718-728-3811
Program Hours:

9 am - 5 pm
You are eligible to file for Compensation Benefits if:
    If you are innocent victim of crime who has sustained personal physical injury
    You are the surviving spouse, parent, child or dependent of a victim who died as a result of a crime
    You are elderly (60 or over) or disable victim, who has not necessarily sustained physical injury
    You are the person who paid or incurrent the burial expenses of an innocent victim who died as result of the crime
    You are child victim, or his/ her parent, guardian or sibling
    Services included
    • Assistance in completing paperwork for the District Attorneys and court day support
    • Counseling in person or on phone to provide emotional support
    • Referrals of victims to other agencies for identified need such as health, welfare, literacy, immigration, housing and public benefits
    • Outreach and education
    • Home visits for intake process and OVS application, if necessary
    • Crisis intervention
    • Advocacy and legal assistance
    Bullying Workshop
    Topics to talk about:

    - What is bullying & harassment?
    - What to do about bullying & harassment?
    - What to do with the general bullying frustration?
    - Bullying in social networks
    - HANAC: Victim Assistance and Family Counseling Program Information

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