Employment and Training
In partnership with The Consortium for Worker Education (CWE), HANAC provides services to prepare individuals for the workforce. To assist those looking for meaningful employment for a living wage, the CWE and our community based partners created the Jobs to Build On (JtBO) and Worker Service Center programs. Through these innovative networks, we provide a vast array of workforce preparation, industry specific training and direct placement services.
Employment and Training Services

127 West 127th Street
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New York, NY 10027
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Program Hours:

9 am - 5 pm
Services available
Intake and assessment
Work readiness
Follow-up retention services
Security Guard Training
The Security Guard training program is designed to prepare participants to obtain the New York State Pre-Assignment Training Certificate which allows graduates to work as Security Guards. All instructors are certified by the State of New York.

This intense 4 days of training includes review of Rules, Regulations and Procedures; The Role of a Security Guard; Legal Powers and Limitations; Emergency Situations; Communication, Public Relations; Conflict Management; Access Control; Ethics Conduct; and Report Writing.

Participants are required to complete and score at least 70% on an exam to be considered for certification. The results of the exam and personal information are submitted to The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services who administer a Security Guard Training Certificate to participants who have successfully completed all requirements.
Training includes
8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course
16-Hour On-The-Job Training Course
Fire Guard Preparation
Loss Prevention Training
Applicant Requirements
Participants must reside within the five boroughs, pass a TABE Reading Test, scoring 8.0 or higher. Must be 18 years of age or older. Ready, willing and able to attend training for the entire (4) days and engage in Job Readiness and Employment Placement Services.
Customer Service and Job Readiness Trainings
The Customer Service and Job Readiness trainings are very interactive and are designed to educate participants who wish to pursue a career in:

  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Clerical
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Call Centers
Trainings are customized to the goals of our participants and as well as to satisfy the needs of our employer partners. The trainings are intended to assist participants in developing the skills and confidence necessary to interact with customers and handle customer related situations, allowing them to perform their jobs more efficiently, ultimately making them more employable. Life skills, such as techniques for improving communication with people, working and managing difficult people and situations and skills for managing one's own life better such as time management and stress management are a critical component of this training.
The Customer Service Training is generally followed by job preparation activities such as:
    Resume writing
    Practicing interviewing skills
    Computer skills including typing/data entry, MS Word and Excel
    Job search
    Job placement assistance
    To qualify for participation in programming, participants must: Reside within the five boroughs of NYC; Pass a TABE Reading Test, scoring 8.0 or higher; Be 18 years of age or older; Be ready, willing and able to attend training for the entire 6 weeks; And engage in Job Readiness and Employment Placement Services.
    We have networked and partnered with many organizations within NYC who rely on our services to identify candidates for their job openings. Employment opportunities are available for Customer Service representatives (retail and office), Security Guards, Maintenance workers, Home Health Aides and more.

    Case Managers and Job Developers work with candidates to provide work readiness training such as resume preparation and interviewing skills to ensure that they are fully prepared to become employed. Candidates are followed through the interview, hiring and retention process to ensure that they have the tools necessary to be successful and that the companies we are partnering with are satisfied with the quality of work of the candidates.

    Companies interested in discussing the opportunity of working with HANAC to fulfill job openings or participating in an Employment Fair, please contact Javier Gomez - 212-9963949
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