One Flushing
One Flushing is a joint venture project with AAFE (Asian Americans for Equality) and Monadnock Development, creating an affordable multifamily and senior housing building. One Flushing is the first Mandatory Inclusionary Housing project in New York City, containing 232 units of affordable housing including 66 senior units (AIRS Units), 51 low-income units and 114 middle-income units (plus one super).
Units of affordable multifamily and senior housing (60 units for seniors)
Sq ft of retail space, plus 40,000 of parking, laundry and exercise, as well as 8,700 of community facility space
Story-building with senior and community services provided by AAFECARE and HANAC.
The project
Amenities include 8,700 sq ft of community facility space, 28,000 sq ft of retail space, and 40,000 sq ft of parking, laundry, and exercise rooms.
One Flushing is a 10-story, 232-unit affordable multifamily and senior housing building in Flushing, NY.
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One Flushing was developed by Monadnock Development and Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) and HANAC
Over 18,000 sq ft of planted and active roofs including a rooftop farm for residents and 134 Kw rooftop solar array; the largest in the city.
Multifamily and senior housing
One Flushing
This is a joint venture project between HANAC, AAFE (Asian Americans for Equality) and Monadnock Construction. One Flushing is an affordable multifamily and senior housing building that consists of a 10-story 232 units (60 for seniors), 8,700 Sf of community facility space, 28,000 Sf of retail space, 40,000 Sf of parking, laundry and exercise rooms.
Senior and community services is provided by AAFECARE and Offices:
Over 5,000 sf for senior day care and services such as Medicare assistance, immigration, housing and other programs.
  • Minkwon Center for Community Action: A new home for Minkwon's immigration, social services, and public benefit services.
  • The Glow Community Center: A 5,000 sf community center for local groups to use at low cost
Financing for this project consists of: HDC TE Bonds, HDC Recycled Bonds, HPD Subsidy, HDC Subsidy, DOJ Funds, tax credits, solar panels and GrowNYC garden.
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One Flushing
133-45 41st Avenue
Flushing, NY 11365
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