In Greek, SPITI means 'home'. Greek houses in ancient times were designed to keep their residents cool during the hot summers and keep them warm in winter.
We want you to feel the same way with our property management services.
HANAC Inc., is the owner of SPITI Management Company, which is a fully serviced property management company. The name Spiti means home in Greek, our founder, George T. Douris, wanted to form the company so that each one of our buildings felt as if you were part of a family, both for tenants and staff. George T. Douris wanted to form a Property Management Company that looked out for the tenants, treating each resident with courteous and professional care, attention and service. SPITI Management manages HANAC's property portfolio and offers other owners/developers comprehensive services such as managing, marketing, leasing, tenant relations, day-to-day building operations, maintenance, security, and financial management.

SPITI Management specializes in providing services for and managing senior, multifamily low income, middle-income affordable housing, market, and commercial real estate.

HANAC's management company SPITI Management specific duties consist of daily building operations as follows:
Management and Tenant Relations
As a buffer between the residents and owner it is property management's responsibility to ensure property managers are effectively communicating with tenants. Being the point of contact in addressing tenant matters, answer questions about tenancy, leases, rent discrepancies, legal(s), emergencies, complaints, while ensuring tenants are well informed and complying with building policies.

Managers are required to perform criminal background checks, credit checks, tenancy history and other related information screenings; making sure potential applicants are income qualified as it pertains to state and city compliance for all potential applicants.

Property Managers duties consist of marketing, initial rent up, maintaining the applicant waiting lists and effectively managing/coordinating the vacant apartment turnover process. Managers are responsible for initial/annual recertifications, creating tenants initial/renewal lease agreements ensuring regulatory compliance with rent stabilization, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Project Base Section 8, HOME, and/or HOMELESS guidelines.
Financial Management
Property Management financial duties entail making sure all properties are financially secured. Property Managers along with accounting, manage all finances related to the properties. Managers' financial duties involves collecting rent, making rent adjustments (as needed), obtaining delinquent rent, making sure expenses are paid, funds are managed properly, preparing financial reports, preparing annual budgets, and complying with regulatory agencies financial audits.
Maintenance and Building Operations
Property Managers oversee maintenance, which is responsible for the upkeep of all building facilities; ensuring the buildings are consistently maintained and in superior condition.

Preventative maintenance procedures are conducted by Property Managers on a weekly, seasonal, and yearly basis, to detect potential building/apartment issues; to avoid equipment failure, also as a means to extend the useful life of the building's; making sure all systems are operating effectively and efficiently.

Property Managers are responsible for ensuring all major and minor repairs are cured and/or troubleshooted. Managers are required to solicit, negotiate, administer, execute, service contracts for capital and individual apartment improvements.

Managers make sure properties are complying with building regulatory agencies such as New York Department of Buildings (DOB), the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), NYC Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the Environmental Control Board (ECB).
Property Management
Our Management Plan is designed to achieve the following basic, overall objectives:
    An efficiently managed, economically maintained, and financially viable development
    A pleasant, healthy and secure living environment for all residents
    A sound relationship between residents and management
    A harmonious relationship with the outside community
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    SPITI has built a reputation for staff that is not only experienced, but also meticulous – down to the smallest detail. Whether it's evaluating employees, checking expenditures or selecting vendors, our people know what to look for…and what to look out for. And we keep you informed every step of the way.
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    Property Management Portfolio
    Archbishop Iakovos Senior Residence
    HANAC opened its first building the Archbishop Iakovos Senior Residence in 1993 to provide 99 affordable housing units to low-income seniors.
    George T. Douris Tower
    Opened in October 2009, this 15-story, 184 unit apartment building includes an on-site management office, a community room, an exercise room, a library, a crafts room, music and computer rooms, outdoor patio areas, and more.
    HANAC PCA Senior Residence
    This senior housing project was developed in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Astoria (PCA).
    HANAC Corona Senior Residence
    This 57,675 sf, 8-story 68-unit affordable housing apartment building for low-income seniors will meet the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Standards for Energy Star Certification as well as the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.
    GTD Parking Garage
    Operated by agreement with MPG, the George Douris Parking Garage is located behind George Douris Tower in Astoria. Recently renovated, the garage offers 24 hour off-street and covered parking on a daily and monthly basis for up to 100 vehicles. Zip cars and vans are also available here.
    Management Consulting
    SPITI Management Company, as the managing agent, will provide management consulting during the development stages and assist in the preparation of the initial operating budget.
    Building Administration
    The Management Company maintains full authorization and responsibility for the administration of the building. Such authority and responsibilities includes, but is not limited to such broad areas as physical maintenance, financial management, personnel administration, labor relations and interface with governmental and regulatory agencies.
    Staff excellence
    SPITI has built a reputation for staff that is not only experienced, but also meticulous – down to the smallest detail. Whether it's evaluating employees, checking expenditures or selecting vendors, our people know what to look for…and what to look out for. And we keep you informed every step of the way.
    Services offered
    We invite you to review the property management services we offer and to get to know us as a company and as individuals. We're confident that we have the systems, the talent and the desire to satisfy all of your property management needs whether your property is a Co-op, Condo, HOA, Rental, Commercial, Industrial, or Government Building.
    SPITI Management has a proven formula for management excellence. Its back-office systems and risk-control procedures supplement teams of dedicated onsite professionals. Serving single- and multi-owner properties SPITI takes pride in its reputation for financial expertise, capital project oversight and attention to ongoing resident communications.
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